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An astonishing finding has been made on a farm in Anturu village of Gadag district, Karnataka. [Watch the VIDEO posted below]

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Strange footprints were discovered in Anturu village which instigated fear among the villagers. These footprints were huge and didn't belong to any known species. The villagers believe that their backyards were being stomped by aliens.

The villagers said that they heard noises of heavy breathing on Sunday morning around 2 am post which they spotted around 20 to 30 giant footprints. Such a phenomenon was never seen before by the villagers.

The village was then being explored by people from the surrounding areas as well as Gadag city. Local people stated that the mysterious footprints have been wiped out to prevent the flocking of visitors from nearby areas who are coming to check out the extraterrestrial footprints and quench their curiosity.

alien, footprints, Karnataka, Gadag,
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"Women and children are remaining indoors fearing the alien. The footprints found on a farm near the Boodihal mutt in the village are different from the footprints of any animals. They are much bigger in size. There is a distance of three feet between two steps. Forest officials have been informed," a villager from Anturu stated, as quoted by The New Indian Express.

The forest department showed concern regarding this incident and stated that they would carry out post night patrols to curb the anxiety and fears of the villagers. Employees from the forest department of the village revealed that they could not identify the creature based on those footprints.

"We must need to check whether someone is playing a prank on villagers," a forest official said, as reported by The New Indian Express.

Watch the video to know all about this strange finding:

YouTube/ secureteam 10