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Hrithik Roshan in his recent interview has spoken about all the unsaid things in the past. The actor seems to have found the key to not let anything impact his peace.

After the interview, a lot of netizens have hailed the actor for his brave and sensitive comments.

To make you read a few, we have netizens who have come forward and lent their support to the superstar, who is all set with his upcoming movie, Super 30.

Here are some comments -

"They have already learned to express themselves so well. I am extremely proud to be their father. Even at their age when they cry, they don't cry like victims. There are tears, but no grimace on the face. – Hrithik #HrithikSpeaks he is simply the best"

"Respect for this man who is always so well spoken. Everything he says makes so much sense and he always speaks from this heart. #HrithikSpeaks"

"Not only looks or talent, but this man has also got a golden heart too. Truly a dignified man, full of patience, honesty & maturity! #Hrithikspeaks Respect"

"He hasn't just got only the Greek god looks but a heart of similar stature as well! ❤ @iHrithik #HrithikSpeaks"

"Read this exclusive interview about what an actor goes through behind the screens. @iHrithik #HrithikSpeaks"

Meanwhile, the actor will be seen in his upcoming film, 'Super 30' which is a story of the triumph of spirit in which Hrithik will be reprising the role of a mathematician, Anand Kumar who trains students for IIT-JEE in Bihar. The film is scheduled to release on July 12, 2019.