Hrithik Roshan, sister Sunaina Roshan, mother Pinky Roshan, father Rakesh Roshan
Hrithik Roshan with sister Sunaina Roshan, mother Pinky Roshan and father Rakesh RoshanInstagram

Calming the unrest in the family, Hrithik Roshan has apparently taken up the matters in his own hands and seems to have restored harmony between his sister Sunaina Roshan and his parents. 

A close friend of the Roshan family was quoted as saying by Deccan Chronicle that Sunaina has finally made peace with her family in the ongoing issue about her boyfriend Ruhail Amin.

"They have finally done what any family in a crisis needs to do. They sat and talked it out without outside intervention. Today, Guddu (Rakesh Roshan) is going through a health crisis. The entire family needs to look after him. Instead he was thrown into a whirlpool of accusations and counter accusations. This was really sad," the friend said.

The friend said that Hrithik talked it out with Sunaina and explained it to her that "how much her behaviour was affecting their family". And Sunaina who is very close to her brother, seems to have understood what Hrithik was trying to convey her in the most subtle way.

Earlier, when Kangana Ranaut was asked about how she was helping Sunaina in her unfortunate situation, she had said that her family was looking after her and they will sort it out on their own.

Earlier, a close friend of the Roshan family had claimed that Sunaina's boyfriend Ruhail Amin is already married and has children. However, Ruhail has rubbished the reports and said that he would like the family source to come out in the open and substantiate the claims.

"Fictional pieces floating around my personal life are dumbed down versions of gossip journalism. I would like the so called "family source" who calls me "chap" for some strange reason to come out in the open and substantiate this gibberish. Will you?" Ruhail had tweeted.