Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson

While most businesses are either closed or severely crippled during the COVID-19 outbreak, Christian Anderson aka Trust'N and his company Lost Boy Entertainment is thriving. In fact the company's founder, Christian Anderson, stated they've never made money so quickly. Trust'N said, "It's crazy because while so many others are hurting right now we are making more money than we ever have before. Everyone is online and is in need of our services. Just a blessing to be honest in a time like this."

Being self-taught, Christian had to fend for himself in order to pull weight in the industry as a hip hop artist. Christian recalled his early moments of being Trust'N when he said, "Getting any type of footing in this industry is almost impossible. No one wants to help each other. I was scammed, I was lied to, I was beat down, I wanted to quit because I was so fed up. But I knew I had to make my own way. I'm just blessed I was able to find a way." Christian's relentless pursuit of his dream has more than paid off.

Under the stage name Trust'N, Christian Anderson has racked up more than 8 million streams across all platforms, charted in the top 15 of the iTunes hip hop chart, and has built a reputable name in an industry which can be almost impossible to do so. All as a completely independent artist.

Using his platform, Christian decided to start a company after realizing the money making potential of helping his friends with their own music marketing. He started by offering his marketing services to his peers and began to become known as "the plug". After finding great success early on, Christian knew he had to make his services look more professional. That is when he came up with the business name Lost Boy Entertainment. The company's logo is based off of the Disney film Peter Pan which Christian was fond of while growing up. When we asked Christian about the inspiration behind the company he said, "It's crazy how something I was obsessed with as a kid has become an internationally recognizable brand. Just mind blowing. I'm literally living my dream."

The company's wide range of services have been "flying off the shelves" so to speak. Lost Boy Entertainment's services include but aren't limited to: artist management & development, digital marketing, social media marketing & management, public relations services like press campaigns, and music marketing & promotion among other offerings.

The most interesting part about the company is the broad range of backgrounds between co-founders. Lost Boy Entertainment was founded by Christian Anderson (Trust'N), Bryce Vander Sanden, Abe Alberts, and Aon Smith. Christian, Abe, and Aon are all artists while Bryce's background is in finance & accounting. Bryce and Christian met during high school and decided to room together in college. Bryce was asked by Christian to hop on board only a few months after the start of the company. Next, Christian reached out to Aon Smith, better known under the stage name Aon The Artist. The two met through a mutual connection and became good friends quickly, being like-minded in the business field. The final missing piece of the puzzle was put into place when Christian added Abe Alberts to his roster. Abe's background is also being an artist under the new stage name Abe.wav.

The four amigos are currently busier than ever trying to stay on top of orders. While each member brings their own unique skills to the company, finding a place for each member has been tricky at times. When asked about the roles of each co-founder Christian said, "At first it was hard to figure out how everyone fits into the puzzle. But as time went on I knew I had the right people around me, and I have been able to find a role for each one of my team members. Now I'm just building a company with my best friends. That's a dream come true." The company has already served over 3,000 different clients in its short time of existence. Anyone from a musician to a public figure can inquire about the vast services the company can offer.

Lost Boy Entertainment has a niche in the market because they offer very sought after services for almost half the cost of a well-established Public Relations firm. This has allowed the company to gain a vast variety of clients. Christian said, "We work with anyone from financial advisors all the way to tik tokers. We just want to come beside anyone in need of our services in order to hopefully get them to a point where they can achieve their goals and dreams."

The company is off to a great start and its outlook is more than promising. Despite the young age of founder, Christian Anderson, the company is in better hands than most could hope for. The 21 year old's vision for success and work ethic are why the company will continue to grow and have a large impact across a span of different industries. The Lost Boys are pioneers in their respective field and it won't take long for more people to start finding that out.