Taha Masud
Taha Masud

Covid-19 has indeed hit South Asia without any shred of mercy whatsoever, and one of the worst brunts of this attack has been dealt with Bangladesh. While the previously booming growth has been knocked down to 2%, the real damage can be seen in the employment sector. Courtesy of COVID, unemployment has spiked up to 23.5% as of April, from 8.7% in March; albeit the real scenario is much, much worse.

Millions of workers faced the ax – mostly ones employed in the informal economy - but not limited to it.

However, just as traditional jobs are shrinking, the youth - especially from the middle-income echelons and above - are turning towards the potential opportunities to earn from the sweet internet.

Bangladesh's presence in the digital business world has seen sharp acceleration with everyone stuck in homes. And one of the most impactful pioneers of this transformation, claiming to pave the way for Bangladeshis to the digital economy, is this entrepreneur from Dhaka.

Taha Masud, through his startup Home Academy BD, claims to have already impacted over 200 people, helping them achieve financial freedom, with his platform. And that in less than 2 months.

Home Academy claims to offer you a range of courses, starting from graphics to very specific business models like dropshipping, that are taught by some of the leading experts in these fields from all over the globe.

But how did these courses free over 200 people financially?

Home Academy says that it understands how the world is expeditiously shifting from the job economy to the "Skills Economy". The courses are designed not only to effectively master the skills, but it simultaneously shows students how to apply these skills in the real world to earn big dollars.

Many courses are still underway; Taha wants to ensure the most premium quality content for his courses, and so he is willing to spend as long as it takes to deliver on his promise of "the best courses".

For now, their two most popular courses - "Drop-shipping" and "Amazon Review Business".

In a very recent interview with Taha Masud, the young entrepreneur remarked, "We never imagined having this many people buying our courses in such a short period of time. My team is having the hardest time updating the Graduates section every day. It's like every day more and more people are graduating. It's crazy. It's a dream come true."