Golf is a sport of patience, precision and focus. While there are zillion fascinating facts about golf you might not know, one that is going to blow your mind away is just how much weight can a golf ball take. A golf ball went under a hydraulic pressure testing machine to show the world just how much strength the tiny-sized ball has.

Internet is full of videos of random objects being crushed under a hydraulic press, which are oddly satisfying to watch. One video that has amazed viewers and garnered millions of views is the crushing of a golf ball, but right before it bursts, there's an indicator of how much weight it can take. As fun as it might be to watch the golf ball get crushed under a hydraulic press, it is the increasing pressure that catches the attention.

Golf ball pressure test

Golf ball under hydraulic press

Golf ball has all the traits of strength even though it may not seem like it. Crushing experts have agreed that tiny objects that are round in shape have great endurance and strength. But it's not immortal as the video shows a golf ball can take the weight of an elephant before it is crushed.

The video of a golf ball being crushed under a hydraulic press isn't new but is still amazes viewers. In a short 40-second video, viewers will be on the edge of their seat as the hydraulic press inserts pressure on the golf ball and it goes from single-digit to double and then triple.

Golf ball pressure test

When the machine reads a thousand kg, one might expect that the golf ball will give in to the pressure. But that's not even close. The machine keeps putting pressure on the golf ball to tip the scale at over 5,000kgs. That's right! The average weight of an Asian elephant is 4,000kgs, so a golf ball can survive even if the giant mammal steps on it.

You can watch the video and see for it yourself: