Vikas Dubey
Terrorist VIkas DubeyCredit:Twitter

Eight policemen including a Deputy Superintendent were brutally ambushed and killed by terrorist Vikas Dubey in Kanpur. Dubey, a history-sheeter has more than 60 criminal cases against him since 1993 including murder, an attempt to murder. On a fateful intervening night of Thursday and Friday, the police were acting on a complaint filed against Dubey for an attempt to murder.

What followed was a chilling account of how Dubey used ISIS-like tactics to completely trick the police party and brutally killing 8 men.

Dubey had prior information about the police raid

Dubey is a gangster in his Bikru village in Kanpur Dehat and nearby areas. His political nexus and fear are such that even after getting arrested multiple times in the past, he was bailed in several cases. The same connections among the police helped terrorists on Friday also. Dubey got prior information about the police raid and he made a perfect plan to counter men in uniform.

ISIS styled brutality


Dubey's men placed a JCB machine just 20m ahead of his house prompting the police party to leave their vehicle and move on to their feet. The role of villagers also comes under scanner as they had switched off the lights making it tougher for the police.

The terrorists who were hiding on the roof with their weapons lurked the policemen in a narrow street with houses on either side. The terrorists opened indiscriminate fire on the police killing at least 4 policemen and looted their weapons. The bodies of policemen were piled up one over the other as if there was a plan to burn the deceased.

The commanding officer of the police party, DSP Devendra Mishra took a cover inside a house. Unfortunately, the house belonged to Dubey's maternal uncle where Dubey's men shot DSP Mishra multiple times in his head. The brutality did not stop here and after viciously killing the DSP, his leg was chopped off.