For effective utilization of the manpower in different government departments, the Jammu and Kashmir government devised a policy for inter-departmental deputation of employees based on their technical and professional qualifications. The government said that the move was aimed to utilize the under-utilized services from a large pool of skilled employees in the government.

According to an order issued by the General Administration Department (GAD) of the J&K Government, the said policy shall govern the deputation of employees possessing higher educational and technical qualifications outside their parent departments where their specific skill sets or qualifications can be put to better use, consistent with the requirements of the borrowing departments.

J&K Govt

According to the administration in a communiqué while stating the objectives of the policy said, "Developmental departments like Public Works (Roads and Buildings) Department, Agriculture Production Department, Department of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Housing and Urban Development Department, Information Technology Department, etc are facing a dearth of technically and professionally qualified employees."

J&K Government

"There is a large pool of skilled employees in the government, whose services are currently being under-utilized. Skill mapping and optimum utilization of the mapped skills are among the fundamental tools for good governance," it reads.

Policy aimed at efficient utilization of human resources and to fill skill gaps

The government further said that to ensure efficient utilization of human resources and to match demand and supply for improving efficiency in governance, a need was felt to utilize the services of these qualified technical and professional employees effectively.

This shall address the skill gaps in various technical and developmental departments and provide employees an opportunity to put their specific skill sets to the best possible use.

About the procedure for utilization of services in other departments, the government said, "the initiation for the process of utilization of services of qualified these employees shall be at the level of the department that intends to utilize the services of an employee with such qualifications as may be suitable for the better functioning of the department, or at the level of the technically and professionally qualified employee who is desirous of providing their services in such a department where their higher qualification or skill-sets may be better utilized."

Employees desirous to offer their technical services have to apply through the portal

"An employee desirous of offering his or her technical or professional services to another department may visit a designated window, which shall be made available on the e-HRMS portal, through their CPIS ID and submit a form prescribed for the purpose, along with copies of the relevant certificates, degrees, and diplomas," it reads.

GAD said that the employee shall also provide reasonable justification as to how their services shall be better utilized in the department where they intend to provide his or her services.

It also said that an alternative, the department that intends to utilize the services of a technically or professionally qualified employee may submit an application in the format prescribed for the purpose, along with the details of such employees whose services they intend to utilize, to the Screening Committee headed by the Administrative Secretary, General Administration Department.

The order further added that for this policy, a Screening Committee comprising five members will be constituted, which shall scrutinize all the applications for the utilization of services of qualified technical or professional employees received from the different departments.