Madhavan and Arya were at their wittiest best a few years ago when they pulled the legs of Hansika Motwani. The actors were hosting an awards event and brought a lot of laughter to the guests and the actress too had enjoyed their funny comments.

Nayanthara, Simbu and Hansika
Nayanthara, Simbu and Hansika Motwani.PR Handout

How they dragged Simbu?
Hansika Motwani was dating Simbu then and the couple did not have qualms to accept it in public. So, the hosts used this topic to add fun to the event. The text of their conversation is below

Arya: She likes an item very much, these days.
Madhavan: What's it?
Arya: You will find it on her celing in her hourse, in her bedroom, in her bathroom, in her handbag, in her shoes, in her dress, in her books... even the vada that she eats will look like a star

Madhavan: I understood brother, it is twinkle twinke little superstar right?
Arya: It's not little super star, it is little star, you left 'a' in the star (to indicate that they are mentioning about STR, popularly known as Simbu).

Crowd Enjoys the Witty Conversation
All through the conversation, Hansika Motwani was seen blushing and she could not control herself at some point. Interestingly, Simbu's ex-girlfriend Nayanthara, who is currently in a live-in relationship with Vignesh Shivan, is also in the event and she is laughing out loudly although it was about her ex-boyfriend. The video can be seen below:

Arya and Maddy tried to pull the legs again when she was on stage to accept the awards, but upon her request, they let her go. Before leaving, she thanked the organisers for honouring her with the awards.

"Thank you for giving me a chance to be out with legends here. I also consider my mom as a diva with all the divas out here. Thanks mom for all the love and support. And thank you all for accepting me and welcoming me so well," Hansika said.

Hansika Motwani and Simbu were in a relationship for a few years, but they broke up as it was not working.