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With the battle of the IMs heating up, the likes of WhatsApp, Hike and Viber, alongside many others, are looking at new ways to overtake each other every day. This usually means thinking out of the box and introducing features that were previously missing and not available anywhere else.

Keeping aside everyone else in the business, as part of a major proposed expansion, popular chat app Viber has now launched 'Viber Games' worldwide in partnership with leading game developers.

As of now, the company has three games which standalone apps users can download from the Play Store or iTunes. The games include Viber Pop, Viber Candy Mania and Wildluck Casino. With the proposed planning, users will also be able to send game invites via Viber and see which games their friends are currently playing.

Also, apart from the fact that the company is hoping to increase user engagement for the game by cashing in via in-app purchases for power-ups, additional lives and more, in an interview with TechCrunch, Viber CEO Talmon Marcos said that he is excited to bring the titles to more of Viber's international user base.

Currently standing at 236 million active monthly users, Viber, however, isn't the first to integrate a dedicated gaming support into its chat service. In fact, if you know your IMs, Viber follows in the footsteps of the likes of LINE and WeChat (its immediate rivals) when entering the gaming scenario.

Currently, Viber is making money from games, sticker sales and its Skype-inspired international calling plans. Comparatively, other messaging apps like LINE generate half of their revenue via in-app purchases. However, Tencent's mobile revenue has enjoyed success thanks to WeChat's games catalog.

As we mentioned earlier, the company has three games – Viber Pop, Viber Candy Mania and Wildluck Casino – which can be download from the Play Store or iTunes. And in case you are wondering how and where to download and install the games, here's a quick step-by-step help on the matter.

In order to download a game, find the game in the More menu in the Viber Games section. Just pick the one you want to play and select download. Once opting to download, you will be directed to your respective app store to install the game.

You can also use Viber Connect to sync the game to your Viber account. With the connection, you can play with friends and keep up with their scores via leaderboard. You can also send your friends messages through games and challenge them to beat your scores.

You can also automatically download the games via the links here: Viber Pop (Android | iPhone), Viber Candy Mania (Android | iPhone) and Wild Luck Casino (Android | iPhone). You can also uninstall a game through the app store that you downloaded it from, or through your device settings.

Stay tuned for more updates!