Following the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, militant organization Taliban grabbed command of the country on August 15, 2021. The rise of the Taliban resulted in the end of a war that lasted for 20 years, and the quick collapse of the government created by American brains has created panic all around the nation. Recent footage that surfaced on the internet showed people rushing to the Kabul airport to flee from the rogue nation, and it clearly indicates the fact that a majority of young people who enjoyed the freedom of modern living style due to American influence are reluctant to stay in Afghanistan that will be ruled by Taliban on the basis of Islamic law. 

Corruption in Afghanistan and the rise of Taliban

According to International political experts, corruption among politicians and government servants has played a crucial role in triggering the rise of the Taliban, soon after the withdrawal of the American forces. Reports state that Afghanistan government soldiers were not paid sufficient salaries, and it compelled them to surrender before Taliban militants, as they did not want to fight by receiving a petty sum as remuneration. 

Afghanistan Corruption Taliban
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Recently, Sarah Chayes, who covered the fall of the Taliban after 9/11 for NPR and served as an advisor to several senior U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan also shared similar views, and she revealed that most of the people found no difference between the Taliban regime and Afghanistan government due to the corruption factor. 

"In simple terms, why would a population take risks to fight the Taliban on behalf of a government that is treating them almost as badly as the Taliban do? So, Afghan government officials would shake people down at every interaction. The massive international funding that was arriving in the country was being siphoned off or captured by government officials and their cronies. And from Afghans' perspective, it almost looked like the United States was in favor of this system because our officials were always seen partnering with these venal Afghan leaders," said Chayes, reports. 

Afghanistan's position in the global corruption index

According to Transparency International, a global coalition against corruption that monitors corruption level in various countries, Afghanistan is in the 165th spot, which clearly indicates at the fact that unholy currency dealings within the government and authorities are quite high. New Zealand stands on the top spot in this list with less corruption. 

US diplomatic cables have reported that an Afghan Vice President has fled the country to Dubai with $51 million in cash after Taliban's uprise. Moreover, drug traffickers and corrupt Afghan officials have been shifting $231 million a week out of the country where the average income of a common man is just $585 a year.