Christian Massa
Christian Massa

Breaking into Hollywood is legendarily difficult. There's a reason it's called "breaking into show business." Most people try and fail to elbow their way into Hollywood, never reaching their goals.

Bollywood is even more challenging to penetrate. With exacting standards and a tight-knit production community, new talent can feel overwhelmed by the prospect of breaking through stereotypes and getting the attention they need to prove their worth.

Many fresh young Bollywood stars are turning to Christian Massa and his company PurpleMedia to help them get noticed and break into Bollywood.

Who is Christian Massa?

Christian Massa is an actor, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine. Well-known for acting on the Discovery Channel and being Assistant Director on "My Suicide Story," he says he has contacts through the industry and understands it from various angles. He uses his industry knowledge to help others navigate and succeed.

He is an actor who understands the pitfalls of the industry. Determined to help others avoid his struggles, he now helps other actors get exposure and break into the industry.

His most recent company is PurpleMedia. PurpleMedia specializes in helping people in the entertainment industry share their stories and garner attention. However, Christian has had success in a wide range of industries, from musicians to entrepreneurs.

How Christian Helps

An actor's management team, such as their manager or agent, or even themselves if they're still unrepresented, is always looking for ways to get their name out in front of the public and casting directors. A great method to do that is via publications and stories.

With a knack for publication and a reputation for helping people break into the industry, he is often contacted to help get actors' names into high-quality publications. This has led to relationships with Bollywood stars, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more.

Breaking Into Bollywood

Bollywood is a massive industry that's expected to be worth 260 billion rupees (3.3 billion USD) by 2024. New actors are looking to break into Bollywood and can do so before Bollywood booms are able to be riding the wave and grow their popularity exponentially.

Actresses like Bhumi Pednekar are rare diamonds. Working as a casting director for a long time, Bhumi got her big break in acting in a leading role in "Dum Laga Ke Haisha," a role that earned her the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. Using that success and a string of stories further educating people about her skills, Bhumi has been in successful Bollywood productions, with many more in production and post-production.

Shirley Setia has seen great success from online publications, including being featured in Forbes Magazine, where she was called "Bollywood's Next Big Singing Sensation." She first starred in "Maska," which was released on Netflix.

By leveraging online publications, actresses like Priyamvada Singh (who is also a writer, motivational speaker, and personality development trainer) can further their reach and get better roles.

These are a few Bollywood up-and-comers that Massa claims to have had the privilege of working with.

Getting The Word Out

Through publications and online stories, budding actors can secure better roles and more recognition for those roles.