US Elections
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US President Donald Trump has been at the center of controversies for his outspoken views through his ever-active Twitter handle. One particular tweet that also sparked outrage among Americans is when Trump said "IF YOU CAN PROTEST IN PERSON, YOU CAN VOTE IN PERSON!"

Despite the backlash, Trump's tweet urging Americans to vote in person makes sense - all things considered. The recent changes at the USPS has left many wonder if it was an intentional move to slow down the delivery of ballots during the election. Well, if your suspicion aligns with what critics have said about USPS butchery or you simply agree with Trump, voting in person seems like the logical solution.

How to safely cast your ballet without USPS?

Mail in vote

Go early: There's an advantage to be an early bird. Early voters can vote in person without having to wait in long lines. Depending on your states, early voting may take place as early as 45 days before the Election Day. Voters can check with local election office for timings on voting.

Use ballet dropbox: Ballet drop boxes are secure and convenient to return their signed and sealed mail ballot. With the drop boxes, one can skip the mail-in process and the ballets will be taken directly to county offices.

Election office or polling station: Voters can also return a delivered ballot in person at their local election office. If there's no polling station nearby, one can choose the drop box for convenience.

Community ballot collection: Many states allow organisations, election officials or family members to collect voter's signed and sealed ballot, which can be submitted on behalf of the voter. But this option is for high-risk voters who cannot leave their home to cast a ballot.