Bhavna Singh

Fashion stylist Bhavna Singh is round-the-clock working to produce designs that set everyone's heart on fire. With her style and sophisticated designs, the stylist is portraying different opinions and values in the wardrobe of fashion enthusiasts. She knows exactly how to use her power and make everyone fall in love with her potential. She assumes the position of a responsible fashion influencer whose purpose is to empower women via fashion, regardless of their socioeconomic situation, body image, or race. She underlines the significance of criticizing traditional body measurements or unconventional conceptions in order for fashion to actually empower women. She hopes to transform the fashion industry with her knack for styling and designing.

Being a fashion stylist, she is responsible for coordinating all parts of a person's aesthetic appearance to make them appear appealing to others. She has worked extensively with industry personalities, assisting them in looking their best. She is also the Style Director at DLF Promenade in New Delhi, where she attends runway shows and other fashion industry events to keep up with the newest trends, she claims. She effectively realizes a specific look or concept for a given photographic assignment by partnering with models, fashion designers, photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists, creative directors, and art directors.

For the beauty contest, the New Delhi-based fashion stylist serves as the Director of the North Zone (Queens of the World). Kiran Bedi and Isha Kopikkar have given her prizes in honor of her contributions to the fashion industry and women's empowerment. She has also helped raise funds for several non-profit organizations. She was recently featured in the DLF Promenade #NotJustAnotHer campaign, which celebrates the lives of women. On December 19, she will teach a master class at That's Vogue in Ludhiana with cosmetic artist Guneet Virdi and social media influencer Preeti Pahuja Chawla.