House Of Cards, the Netflix political drama series, is already gearing up for season 6. The upcoming chapter is likely to focus on the downfall of Frank Underwood and his partner in crime, Claire Underwood.

Showrunners, Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson, revealed they are currently in talks with the online streaming site about the series renewal.

While Pugliese said, "We are just starting to talk about the next season", Gibson added, "All will be revealed in due time." The executive producers also shared some details about the possible story line for the upcoming season.

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House Of Cards
House Of Cards showrunners have dished about season 6 renewal.Facebook/House Of Cards

When Pugliese reminded his fans that the core of the show is about a marriage, Gibson stressed on the point that "shifting dynamics of that power relationship" is a pretty exciting path to follow. "Their destinies are inextricably entwined. That's the premise of the show, and they are just wrestling with that relationship," she added.

The showrunners even teased that Frank may never let go of his relationship with the White House. "It's something he wants his hands on. What that looks like and what that's like is going to be an interesting question for the show," Pugliese said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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Executive producer Gibson said, "He lays it out in his pitch to her: This way, we're going to be able to control all of it, from the outside and the inside. That's his vision of it, and what she will be willing or not willing to do in that regard will be one of the questions we will dig into."

Meanwhile, speculations are rife that House Of Cards will be back with season 6 in July 2018. But the followers of the political drama will have to wait for an official confirmation from Netflix.