Luxury hotels roped in for quarantining people

The pandemic has made sure that everybody works from home. From being a privilege that you get only when in need, work from home has become the norm. And in an IT city like Bengaluru, even more so. However, now you can add a premium touch to your run-of-the-mill work from home experience. 

Work from home: From necessity to reality

Working from home doesn't have to feel like a responsibility anymore. Luxury hotels in Bengaluru are finding new ways to adapt to the current situation. With home becoming more of a person's microcosm of the world rather than an option to be due to the pandemic, hotels are rebranding trying to bring luxury to the guests rather than the other way round.

Earlier in June hotels in different cities turned into COVID care centres. Now, hotels like Sheraton Grand in Bengaluru are offering packages to inter-state travellers who might like to isolate themselves upon landing in Bengaluru. Going a step further some have tied-up with major hospitals for those who don't want to stay at the hospital while recovering. Prestige Oakwood hotel in UB City is offering a package where once doctors approve can check-in to the hotel. The hotel has tied-up with Manipal and Vikram hospital. 

No more working from home, it's working from 'hotel'

Oakwood Premier Prestige in UB City has also created a special package for those who want to work in luxury. Guests can book their service apartments which are fully-furnished and have all the amenities they need so they don't have to step out. You also get pre-set meals in the package. Bangalore Mirror reported that this package has been opted for by many corporate clients like Ikea, Bosch and Mitsubishi. Leela Palace in Bengaluru in the same vein has set up a Work from Hotel package which has no bars held on technology including a scanner and photocopy machine apart from internet and video-conference facilities to make it truly work from hotel experience for their guests. 

Work from home and its challenges
Work from home and its challengesPixabay

So far, many hotels, even high-end hotels like Taj Gateway opened up their kitchens to delivery and takeaway orders. This would help in case anyone needs a stress-buster in the middle of working. The Marriott in Whitefield offers to send their chefs to your kitchen to prepare delicacies. The Taj West End is offering 'hospitality at home' which means they can send you anything you need to your home. 

Hotels turn office spaces

Moreover, recently luxury hotels have been turning into office spaces for companies. Those like Marriott, Novotel and Ibis are trying to generate rental income by approaching large corporates. The hotels allow companies to use their board rooms, banquet halls and other spaces for meetings and as workspaces. What draws companies to this concept are the affordable rents. Sheraton Grand is also offered to host corporate meet-ups for the company's top executives to do so in person rather than a video call. 

Work from home right now has been rendered a necessity due to the pandemic. However, now, maybe some of us can look forward to a luxury brand of working from home, sorry, hotel.