Hotel Mumbai trailer

The Hindi trailer of Hotel Mumbai starring Anupam Kher and Dev Patel is out. The film, which is based on the 26/11 attack on Taj Hotel, started trending soon after its release. The film not only takes us through the emotions of the guests at the hotel but also shows how the hotel staff came to their rescue risking their own lives. High on emotional angle, Anupam Kher will be seen playing the role of Chef Hemant Oberoi. Dev Patel will play a Sikh staff at the hotel who puts his life in danger for the guests.

Talking about how he prepped for playing a Sikh, Dev said he not only stayed with them for a few days but even learned to wrap the turban himself. He also said that one of the key reasons for taking up this project was that it was a Sikh character and the people should know about their generosity, bravery and helpful nature. He also added that there is a genuine need for better representation of the Sikh community.

In an interview to PTI, Anupam Kher had earlier said, "It's a courageous film. In a business where you want to make movies where everything is hunky-dory, it's important to make a film on this subject. The religion of humanity is much more important than anything else. Cinema is a great tool, not necessarily for your own catharsis, laughter, sadness, tears but it's also an important platform for the audience to have a little more compassion for the victims."

Dev Patel had told IANS, "The film for me is about the unlikely heroes of this hotel. The beauty of this story is that those staff of the hotel to whom you may not even give a second look brings out their humanity. And it was really these people who put their lives on the line to save their guests. Because for them this hotel was their home, it was sacred to them."The film's trailer has received a thrilling response on social media too with netizens calling the film a 'tribute' to the martyrs and the undying spirit of the Mumbaikars. Hotel Mumbai is slated to release in India on November 29.