As coronavirus cases continue to rise in a record pace with each passing day, people are hoping and praying they do not contract the virus. But some people are resorting to unethical means to get a COVID-19 negative report by bribing hospitals. A shocking incident from UP has come to light, where a nursing home in Meerut was caught taking kickbacks for giving a fake coronavirus negative report.

A video, capturing the incident of bribing by a hospital official, has gone viral. The license of the private hospital has since been suspended and the official seen accepting the bribe has also been identified.

"An inquiry has been set up into the matter. From the video, it has emerged that the hospital's manager is promising people a fake COVID-19 negative report in exchange for money. A case against him has been filed under Section 420 (fraud) of IPC," Raj Kumar, the chief medical officer said.

Courtesy: Reuters

The medical officer has also ordered a probe to find out responsible officials in the district hospital who might have helped the private hospital with the fake reports.

Fake COVID-19 report for Rs 2,500

The viral video shows a group of people asking the staff of a private hospital to issue fake COVID-19 test reports. The people are heard asking for a negative coronavirus result and then they offer Rs 2,000 in cash to the hospital manager. They even offer Rs 500 after the negative test reports arrive.

Following the incident's viral video, Anil Dhingra, District Magistrate, Meerut, said the nursing home has been sealed off and its license suspended.

You can watch the video below: