In a shocking turn of events, Yo Yo Honey Singh's wife has accused him of domestic violence. She has also accused Honey Singh of having casual sex with over 100 women and alcoholism. Honey Singh's wife, Shalini Talwar, has filed a plea against him in Delhi's Tis Hazari court. The court has reportedly sought his response on the petition.

Yo Yo Honey Singh
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Shalini Talwar's shocking accusations

As per a TOI report, the Tis Hazari court has issued a restraining order against Honey Singh restricting him from selling off their joint properties and assets. Shalini has accused her mother-in-law, father-in-law, and husband Honey Singh of throwing her out of their home. Shalini's lawyer, Sandeep Kapur, has alleged that the family subjected Shalini through enormous mental, physical, verbal and emotional abuse. She has also alleged that as the singer gained popularity and momentum in the industry, his behavior turned more and more aggressive, and brash.

Honey Singh
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Hiding the wedding

Shalini has alleged that in 2011 when their wedding picture was circulated online through a friend, Honey Singh panicked and beat her. She has added in her application that he never wore their wedding ring and refused to acknowledge their marriage in public. She has also accused him of having casual sex with innumerable women.

Shalini has also alleged that during the #metoo movement, Honey Singh had told her that she might get to hear a few things about him. But, she chose to stick by him because of the decade-long love she had for him.