One of the reasons we have been eagerly waiting for Irrfan Khan's Angrezi Medium was to get one look at that Khan from the industry, who dropped his surname to take the first step towards secularism. When he had announced on social media that he won't be available during the promotions of his film, but even without his presence in the cities during the promotion, Irrfan managed to stay in our memories. And that's not only for his perpetual appearances on the posters of Angrezi Medium, but also for his absence to be there in flesh to promote his work. 

The actor, who enjoys a separate fanbase, had been showered with prayers when he had announced that he was suffering from a neuroendocrine tumour. His absence was felt at various press events in 2018 when Irrfan didn't arrive at the screenings and press conferences of Blackmail, and a few other films. 


In 2017 the film Hindi Medium had been quite a hit. The film had reflected the cultural imperialism that was left in India, even after gaining independence from colonialists of Britain. In India, a person's behaviour, education, merit, is measured on the basis of his/her English speaking skills. Irrfan's film had managed to hit our conscious by making us understand the false elitism we participate in, which eventually humiliates another man. Many from India had felt quite connected to the theme of this film. Now, why wouldn't such a film get a sequel? You would expect it to be a hit, and want it to be a hit too, wouldn't you? But it feels that this film might lack chances. 

All cinema halls in Delhi have been shut down till April 1, after as many as 74 cases of coronavirus were reported by the Ministry of Health department. It might be too early to expect that following Delhi, other states too might take similar steps, but the fear of coronavirus has already made everyone cautious. 

Citizens of every country have been informed to wash their hands regularly and to avoid staying in public places for a longer period of time. Hollywood A-lister Tom Hanks too announced that he has become one of the victims of this virus, on his social media handle. This is a fight far from over and might affect the collections of an otherwise well-written script. Such a loss may have been completely unexpected, however, we sincerely hope Angrezi Medium gets its due recognition and thrives at the box office while everyone else remains healthy, wealthy and wise.