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Hina Khan has come under attack from a section of netizens for her comments on Rhea Chakraborty. The actress had said that people should not level allegations against the latter until the investigation is completed.

"I always stand by the truth and want my fans to stand with me for the truth, together! If we believe each other we shall never fear these trolls or bots. I had, have and will always have my point of view. Without fear. Because truth gives you that power! Jai Hind," she wrote on Twitter.

Hina Khan was reacting to a message from her fan, who asked not to invite trouble by commenting on the matter. The fan posted, "We know ur intentions really well. But still refrain urself from commenting on this matter. We know u don't give a damn to these trollers and bots but ur fans get affected when people unnecessarily target you."

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Speaking to Hindustan Times, Hina had said that people should not make allegations against Rhea. At least, let the CBI investigate and come to a conclusion. You may damage her career forever with accusations. She might not be able to face anyone," the daily quotes her as saying.

Later, she posted the screenshot of the exact words that she said and posted, "My Exact quote n article in image below! Reading in between the lines can never portray what I intended to say I never mince my words n hv always been upfront abt my views. Bcoz I believe n support da law, I don't judge before a judgement is passed by da law.That's all Jai Hind. [sic]"