Himmatwala Star Tamannah Fails To Impress Critics in Her Bollywood Debut
Himmatwala Star Tamannah Fails To Impress Critics in Her Bollywood Debut Himmatwala (Facebook/Official)

Sajid Khan's much-hyped movie "Himmatwala" starring Ajay Devgn and Tamannaa was released on Friday. The film is a remake of 1983 blockbuster film of the same name which featured Jeetendra and Sridevi in lead roles.

The film also features Paresh Rawal, Mahesh Manjrekar, Zarina Wahab and Zarina Wahab in supporting roles.

Sajid Khan, director of the film, has huge expectations from the film and believes that it will become a hit like his last three films "Heyy Babyy", "Housefull" and "Housefull 2". But unfortunately, the action comedy failed to meet the expectations of film critics.

"Himmatwala" has received mixed to negative reviews from critics upon its release.

Check out what critics had to say about the film:

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama said: "It's all about entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Right from the styling to death-defying action to fiery dialogue delivered in high decibels, everything that you get to see in HIMMATWALA is reminiscent of the Bollywood of the 1980s. The mother-son drama, the hero-villain conflict, the heroism... even Ajay's introductory sequence is straight out of 1980s. Be forewarned, HIMMATWALA is 1980s cinema packaged in a new wrapping, but even if you have an appetite for the masala movies of yore or are ready to do a time travel to the angry young man of 1980s, chances are you will feel suffocated by the on-screen goings-on that Sajid Khan dishes out in the name of entertainment. 

"HIMMATWALA takes you back to the familiar terrain. It's the typical good versus bad saga loaded with every possible ingredient that makes masala films tick. Sajid ensures that those who have watched the earlier HIMMATWALA -- or those who haven't watched it -- get paisa vasool entertainment in those 2.30 hours, but, unfortunately, what unfolds on screen is so routine and monotonous that you fervently hope for some novelty in this adaptation.

"On the whole, HIMMATWALA fails as a film. The only silver lining is the presence of A-list stars and of course, the hype surrounding the film, which might attract footfalls in mass-friendly circuits initially. But as a film that promises big entertainment, HIMMATWALA is hugely disappointing!"  

Sneha May Francis of Emirates 24/7 said: "You just can't take Ajay Devgn's 'Himmatwala' seriously. And, that's probably what will attract many to watch filmmaker Sajid Khan's inane, little circus.

"'Himmatwala' is a lesson in ridiculousness, and a painfully long one at that. It blatantly assaults our senses, visual and mental, leaving us severely scarred. In director Sajid Khan's trademark style, he botches up an already over-the-top 80's original, by the same title, with innumerable, nonsensical twists and turns.

"Shockingly, through his remake, Sajid even attempts an Ang Lee, and gives a tiger a "meaty" role. Only, Sajid's appetite for spoofs and the illogical leaves this introduction rather unfunny and bland.

"While Sajid has refrained from doing scene-to-scene recreations, he has made a few exceptions, especially when illustrating the 80s kitsch in flamboyant dances, and when a bunch of notorious in-laws needed reforming. I do know that apart from Sajid, there are many, who might enjoy such frivolity, but for some, who've not lost their senses, just yet, this is such a waste of valuable time."

Mohar Basu of Koimoi.com said: "Fashioned exactly on the same story as its 1983 saga, the story is typical of that era. Wronged mother, Savitri raises her son, Ravi to be strong enough to avenge the brutalities they have faced. Added with a Shakespearean sprinkle of Romeo and Juliet, enemies Ravi and Rekha fall for each other giving the film a love angle.

"You must have surely chanced upon Jeetendra and Sridevi's Himmatwala! This is way worse given its 2013 and not 1983.

"I don't think anyone except Sajid Khan could have found the script of Himmatwala interesting. Most ordinarily placed, the film is a merely blown up, melodramatically written revenge tale with not an ounce of intelligence in it. Sajid Khan goes a step forward to severe an already botched up over the top, nonsense script! 

"Personally, the film made me miss the intense and passionate actor Ajay Devgn was, before mindless comedies got the better of him! He is obviously way more Himmatwala than Jeetendra was and performs his stunts with inexplicable exhibition of power and strength.

"Tamannaah is a disappointment. Mahesh Manjrekar almost matches up to Amjad Khan's Sher Singh and that alone is a compliment by itself. Zarina Wahab is adequate in the role of strong willed Savitri. It is Paresh Rawal who once again brings on screen sheer brilliance. As Narayan Das, he easily surpasses Kader Khan who played the loyalist in the original flick.

"Himmatwala demands excessive himmat from the audiences to sustain it through all its exasperating buffoonery laced with dim witted stupidity. Walk out of hall and queue up for the refund Sajid Khan promised you. See you there!"

Nabanita of Oneindia Entertainment said: "Not many filmmakers have the audacity to claim their films to be hitting the jackpot at the Box Office, even before its release. But, director Sajid Khan is amongst those rare lots, who prove what he claims or what promises to his audience. After the super success of films like Hey Baby and Housefull, Khan understands the audiences' hunger well. And, keeping the same in mind, the director has come up with his new mass entertainer Himmatwala that releases today.

"The Himmatwala remake contains quite a few over-the-top acting, typical filmy scenes between mother and son which today's youths wouldn't have experienced, Saas Bahu kind of drama and so on. There was over-the-top heroism, the protective brother, a mother giving fiery dialogues to the villain. Though such over-the-top drama isn't a cup of coffee for all, but we are sure Sajid Khan has his own loyal audience."