In a shocking incident, the Childline in Malappuram has exposed a high profile drug-sex racket that is currently operating in Kerala. Childline revealed that the racket has been targeting school girls after befriending them on Instagram and other social media platforms. After making them drug addicts, the racket used these girls for sexual services. 

14-year-old girl rescued

Details regarding this drug-sex mafia were exposed after Childline rescued a 14-year-old girl. The girl revealed that she was made a drug addict by this mafia, and she was later sexually exploited by several people. 

TV actor accuses casting director of rape

According to the girl, the racket gave her ganja initially, and it was followed by hashish oil and cocaine. The girl was also promised higher drugs by this racket. The girl is currently in the custody of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), and she is apparently showing withdrawal symptoms. A report published in the Hindu revealed that some people who sexually abused the girl had threatened to kill her off if she reveals their names. 

The most shocking fact is that the girl was repeatedly raped inside her house during the nights when her family was asleep. According to reports, the girl secretly opened the door for members in the drug racket, and they sexually assaulted her after giving strong doses. 

Girl identified seven people, police arrested only one

Even though the girl has identified seven people who allegedly raped her, the Kalpakanchery police have arrested only one so far. As the news surfaced online, several netizens are urging investigative officers to nab the culprits as soon as possible, as this racket is literally questioning the security of young girls in the state. 

"This is not an ordinary POCSO case. This is a case of extreme seriousness demanding serious and immediate intervention. I was shocked to see such a crime. Never before could we detect such a thing in Malappuram. The racket traps girls through Instagram, makes them addicts to drugs, and abuses them sexually," said Shajesh Bhaskar, chairman of the Child Welfare Committee.