Back-to-back box office debacles have brought severe damage to Ranbir Kapoor's promising career. While everyone is busy writing him off, Salman Khan bats for the young actor, saying a couple of flops should be a closed chapter for all.

"Let the guy (Ranbir Kapoor) be. If one hit film isn't enough for an actor to survive in the industry, one flop film doesn't give anyone the right to write off an actor," The Asian Age quoted the "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" star as saying.

Salman further said how he can empathise with Ranbir, adding that thinking too much about failure hampers one's ability to move forward in life.

"I can understand what a lean phase can do to an actor. I've been there too. Not just Bombay Velvet, but any film that flops should be a closed chapter for everyone — the makers, cast, critics and audience. The more you brood over it, the more it affects your ability to move on in your career," he added.

Just as Salman has nice words for the Kapoor lad, the "Bombay Velvet" actor too extended his support during the senior actor's trying times.

A few months ago, after Salman was convicted in the 2002 hit-and-run case, Ranbir spoke at length how he has helped countless people, adding he is one of the greatest human beings in the world.

"He has done tremendous work for the society so instead of making comment on the verdict we should be inspired by the work he has done," the 32-year-old told PTI.