It's Rani Mukherji and Aditya Chopra's sixth marriage anniversary today. The couple tied the knot on April 21, 2014, in Italy in a private ceremony. Like every other married couple, they too have their share of lovey-dovey moments. Not only do they love and romance, but the couple also fights a lot. After all, fights are a way of expressing their feelings for each other and valuing their differences.

All the fights bring them one step closer to each other. And Bollywood actress, Rani Mukerji shares an exactly similar relationship with her husband, Aditya Chopra. They have their differences and they know how to respect them and find a middle ground. The duo has made their own 'happily ever after', away from the media glares and social media likes.

Rani and Aditya had kept their love hidden from the media and made sure that the problems in their relationship never served as breakfast for the gossipmongers. On December 9, 2015, the couple welcomed their little doll, Adira. Since then, they have been striving hard to give her a normal life as possible. Rani and Aditya made sure that their daughter, Adira doesn't become the part of the flashes and yelling paparazzi world. And often she becomes the reason behind their constant fights!

Aditya and Rani

On the couple's wedding anniversary, International business Times India brings to you some stark revelations about Rani Mukerji's personal life. What makes her fight with her husband Aditya Chopra, reasons why she curses him and more.

On why she fights with Aditya Chopra

Rani and Adira

Rani Mukerji on a show revealed that Adira is often the reason why she fights with her husband Aditya Chopra. She shared that when you are parenting a child, there will be conflicting ideas. She also added that the one, who is irrational between the two, usually, sends the first message of patch up.

 On cursing her husband

rani and aditya

She also shared the reasons why she curses Aditya every day, Rani quips, "Yes, I do. I curse my husband every day; I abuse my husband every day but he does such loving things that the cursing comes out with love! So, in my family when we curse, we curse with love. We don't curse with hate. If I curse somebody, that means I really love that person."

On paparazzi clicking her daughter Adira

"I want Adira to grow up normally. You get unwanted and undeserved attention without having achieved anything in life. I want Adira to be treated like any other child in school. Aditya and I don't want her to be photographed constantly."

rani and Aditya

On Aditya hating to be photographed

"It's not as if he is paranoid about the cameras. He just doesn't want to be photographed. He had told me after our marriage, 'God when I fell in love with you, I didn't stop to think that I was in love with an actress. Now, because of you, people are attaching my pictures to yours as well."