Motorola Razr gave a nostalgic spin to the foldable smartphone design and might have even inspired Samsung for the Galaxy Z Flip. But the early reviews for the phone, apart from rightly bringing back the good old memories of using a flip phone, haven't been entirely in favour of the all-new Razr.

Motorola Razr has received mixed reactions from users and critics. Lately, the clamshell foldable smartphone's durability is brought into question after the Razr's screen started peeling off. Input Magazine's early review of the Razr smartphone suggested the phone's OLED display peeled off from the centre along the hinge area in just a week's use. This raised some serious concerns on the phone's durability as the damaged area continues to expand with folding and unfolding the phone.

Wondering what you must do next if your $1,500 Razr meets the same fate? Motorola has an answer.

Meet all-new Razr
All-new RazrMotorola

Motorola responds

Motorola is trying to diffuse the situation by promising to fix such problems for free as long as it hasn't been hampered with.

"We have full confidence in razr's display, and do not expect consumers to experience display peeling as a result of normal use. If consumers experience this issue, and the device has not endured customer abuse or misuse, it will be covered by our warranty," Motorola told International Business Times, India, in an email statement.

Moto Razr

Motorola Razr was appreciated for finding a way to hide the crease on the foldable display - something Samsung has struggled with in both Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. But that one achievement couldn't save the makers from a great deal of embarrassment.

Meet all-new Razr
Moto RazrMotorola

It all started when CNET decided to put Motorola's claim of Razr's 100,000 folds to test. The smartphone gave up only after 27,000 folds in about four hours. The test was conducted using a bot designed to check the durability of the folding mechanism. Motorola fought back saying the bot was designed to test Galaxy Fold and it put excess stress on the Razr's hinge, which caused it to break.

Following this, Motorola's Razr was once again in the news for the wrong reasons. After tearing down the phone, iFixit gave it the worst score in terms of reparability and said the foldable phone is practically unrepairable.

Adding to these reviews, the screen peeling problem in the Motorola Razr added fuel to the fire.