Divyanka Tripathi, Ssharad Malhotra
Divyanka Tripathi, Ssharad MalhotraDivyanka Tripathi/ Twitter

"Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" actress Divyanka Tripathi broke up with long-time boyfriend Ssharad Malhotra early March, and a week later she fractured her leg. With a tight schedule and professional commitments, life had become sticky for this leading lady until her mother put her back on spot.

"All these years in Mumbai I was like a rock, independent and confident. Then, one fine day, I broke up with a guy and then broke my leg. Not just physically, but my soul was also shattered into pieces and I was left in a terrible state. Then, came in my super mom, who carefully assembled me back into a normal position," she told Telly Chakkar.

Her mother nursed her back into a healthy state of mind reminding her of her strengths. She is in Mumbai to take care of her injury lifting her spirits in the process.

"She took care of me as one would of a baby, lifted my spirits like I was a teenager and reminded me how beautifully she has made me grow up as a strong woman. I owe this one to her big time and a simple thank you is just not enough," she further elaborated.

The split might have been mutual but couldn't escape the controversies. There were conjectures that the "Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap" actor cheated on her ladylove with co-star Rachna Parulkar.

Miffed with the reports, the latter clarified saying they had an amicable breakup adding she had nothing to do with it.

However, there was another theory doing the rounds. Apparently, Divyanka was hoping to get married and settle down with her ex-boyfriend, which he wasn't prepared for.