Having a poor sex-drive is one difficulty couples often face in their lives. Don't worry, here are some natural ways to boost your libido:

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1. Chocolates:

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Apart from satiating the desire of your sweet tooth, chocolates can enhance your sexual experience too. It triggers the release of organic compounds -- phenylethylamine and serotonin – in the body. The impact chocolate has on your mood and body is more psychological than biological, according to studies.

2. Fruits:

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Eating fruits such as bananas, figs and avocados is believed to be libido-boosting. Known as aphrodisiacs, these fruits also help in providing you with a healthy sex life by increasing the blood flow in the genitals. Also, have a protein-rich and low-carb diet, which would act like an energy booster.

3. Sort out the quarrels with your partner:

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It is known that if couples end up arguing and have a fight, they definitely don't feel like making out or having sex. Resolving these issues is important according to healthline.com. Compared to males, emotional closeness is more important for females to feel sexual intimacy.

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4. Avoid stress:

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Having a hectic lifestyle can result in depletion of libido. Try having a good sleep everyday and remain as tension-free as possible. Doing so would help in maintaining your sex drive and keeping exhaustion at bay.

5.  Wine:

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Having a glass of wine is likely to relax you and make you feel like turning intimate with your partner. Make sure you don't drink too much as it will affect your performance in bed. It can also affect your orgasms.

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6. Consume herbs:

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Eat herbs such as basil, which is known to enhance your senses. Also, having garlic can aid in increasing blood flow in your body. It may also aid men with erectile dysfunction.

7. Consult your doc:

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Feel free to consult your doctor and honestly share all the issues you are suffering. The doctor can guide and advise you properly and help you in getting rid of any issues related to your sexual drive.