In the wake of inappropriate ad displayed by Kent RO for dough kneading machine, Hema Malini, who is the face of the healthcare products and home appliances brand, posted a clarification on Twitter and admitted that the ad was not at all in a good taste.

The ad posed a question that reads, "Are you allowing your maid to knead atta dough by hand? adding that "Her hands may be infected," a direct reference to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"Choose KENT Atta & Bread Maker for hands-free kneading of dough. Let automation take care of hygiene this time!" The ad also asked people not to "compromise with health and purity," said the ad further asking people not to "compromise with health and purity".

Hema Malini

The ad certainly didn't go down well with netizens. One of many Twitter users, who slammed Kent Ro for publishing a classist ad on their official Instagram page, called out the brand and wrote, "Hi #Kent @KentROSystems, what casteist classist bullshit is this?? You should be ashamed of yourself for putting this ad out."

The brand soon took a notice of it and apologised to the user for carrying such ad. Considering the insensitivity of the ad, the brand has now taken down the ad which created an uproar on social media.

"Please accept our sincere apologies for having published the Ad of Kent Atta & Bread Maker. It was unintentional but wrongly communicated and it has been withdrawn. We support and respect all sections of the society," read the statement.

Hema Malini, who has been associated with Kent RO for several years now, also tweeted that the views expressed in the ad do not resonate with her values and deemed it as inappropriate. She also went on record to say that she respects and stand by all sections of the society.

"Views expressed by the recent advertisement of Kent Atta by @KentROSystems do not resonate with my values and are inappropriate. The chairman has already tendered a public apology for the mistake. I hereby wish to put on record that I respect and stand by all sections of society," Hema tweeted.