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Ever heard of the Silicon Valley diet? In simple terms, it's a form of the extremely viral Keto diet, where people go on a full-day fasting once a week. And as Melia Robinson reveals, the diet encourages butter and bacon, too!

As shocking as it might be to everybody having a troublesome time with dieting, the intake of butter and bacon while on the keto diet actually helped Melia "vastly improve" her life in just two months!

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Writing for Business Insider, she said: "When I first learnt about the keto diet, it caught my interest because dieters could eat seemingly unlimited amounts of healthy fats, like cheese, nuts, avocado, eggs, butter — foods that have high 'point values' on Weight Watchers and are severely restricted."

Under the supervision of Dr Priyanka Wali, who is an internal-medicine physician with specialty training in obesity medicine, Melia was advised that for her first week on the Keto diet, she "would aim for 30-50 grams of carbs during the day and eat regular, carb-heavy dinners, even if they took [her] over the limit."

Wali also taught Melia how to count carbs the smarter and much easier way. Carbohydrates, minus the dietary fibre, equals the net carbs.

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Melia explains it thus: "Fibre is a carbohydrate that the body can't digest. It doesn't raise blood-sugar levels, so there's no use in counting grams of dietary fibre toward a daily carbohydrate goal.

"A cup of almonds has approximately 20 grams of carbohydrates, but 12 of those come from dietary fiber. As a result, I had to count only 8 grams for the serving," she added.

Melia also explained how pasta needs to be completely "off the menu".

"I had to be careful even with fruits and starchy vegetables. A cup of blueberries has about 11.5 net carbs. It's also low in fibre, so it's not very filling for long."

But what comes as a moment of joy is that one doesn't have to completely do away with some delicious breakfast choices – like eggs and bacon, while on this diet. Melia called this saying "yes to fat."

She shared: "A typical breakfast included a coffee with half and half, along with cheesy eggs cooked in butter and two slices of bacon."

When it came to restaurants, Melia "ate a sad, tortilla-less breakfast burrito once." And soon this turned into a habit of swapping things off the advised menu with their healthier substitute, like a side salad instead of bread and potatoes in omelettes, and even a bun-less cheeseburger for lunch.

From a self confessed compulsive, chronic snacker, Melia "suddenly could go three, four, even five hours without thinking about food. My snacking became much less frequent, and I became more focused on work as a result."

According to Dr Jason Fung, who specialises in kidney care, highly-refined sugary carb food like cake and pie don't trigger the hormones that tells us to stop eating once we're ideally full, which happens in case of proteins and fats.

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"To avoid the ill feelings that carbs gave me, I experimented more in the kitchen," Melia wrote. "I learned that pizza made with a baked cauliflower crust was not pizza. It tastes like a vegetable casserole, but at least I don't wake up feeling bloated."

From eating "taco fillings out of tortillas" and scraping the "breading off fried chicken", Melia talked about how limited her guilt-free options were on menus.

But she also admitted: "After eating mostly fat, protein, and leafy vegetables for one month, I reached my peak ketone reading of 0.9 mmol/L — a strong indication that I reached a state of ketosis.

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"It was then that I realised why I loved eating keto — it made me feel like a superhero. I also lost about eight pounds in two months, without added exercise. It was a nice bonus!"