Every marriage has a beautiful story behind it but here is one that tugs everyone's heartstrings. In a heartwarming incident, a son shared pictures from the wedding of his father who remarried after 10 years of his losing his wife. 

Image credits: @Shayon/Twitter

Twitter user Shayon shared pictures from the wedding of his father and added, "So, my Dad got married the day before. The ceremony was (mostly) masked and just with close friends & family. It was both surreal and fun. After 10 years of being alone since my mom died, I'm glad that he found love again!"

Netizens couldn't help but adore the garlanded bride and groom standing in the centre of the picture with their families accompanying them.

'Wow! They look all love and adorable: Netizens react'


Shayon was lauded for this gesture and netizens showered love on the family. One of the Twitter users said, "You're a good man, Shayon. May there be more like you."

Another person congratulated Shayon's father and said, 'Yahan humari pehli naho ho pa rahi hai btw congrats." To this comment, Shayon sportingly responded that the person should take his father's number and get some dating tips from him. 


Overwhelmed by the response from netizens, Shayon tweeted, "Thank you, everyone, for your amazing wishes. I had no idea, when I shared this life update, that it would end up garnering 6,000+ likes! RIP my notifications."