The struggle to end the roller coaster ride of emotions on the onset of your period is 'really real,' but to let it look over your shoulder all the time, is despicable. Premenstrual syndrome or PMS, as we call it, affects a high percentage of women that marks the arrival of their monthly menstrual flow. 

PMS and menstrual cramps
PMS and menstrual crampswomenshealth

But what frames the PMS as a macabre for most of the ladies is the unpredictable mood swings that presumably pulls down their normal happy days.

The menstrual symptoms like irritability, anger, and lack of interest on normal chores are a monthly bother for most women, while severe PMS can be emotionally debilitating for some. Nevertheless, treating PMS with medication and lifestyle changes have provably helped them control these sudden surges of emotions.

On this menstrual hygiene day, let's look at some possible and cool hacks to deal with your monthly emotional inundation:

  • Engage in good physical exercise. As you can't have a control on the hormonal fluctuations which, to a certain extent, is the prominent reason for the PM syndrome; physical activities can help improve your state of mind and help lift your moods.
  • Track your PMS. No one other than you can get the real reason behind the sudden outburst. While some women just turn to cry on petty reasons, some turn to shout on this and that! Realise the vulnerability of the hour and keep yourself calm.
  • Switch to small and frequent meals instead of two or three big meals in a day. As per the clinical reports, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B6 supplements helped with PMS-related feelings of sadness, irritability, and anxiety.
  • Strictly stay off from all caffeinated drinks including that favourite cup of coffee. Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and sweets for two weeks before your period may make a difference in your mood.
  • Sleep well. Not getting enough sleep at night can definitely kill your mood. Make sure that you sleep for at least seven to eight hours at night especially as you head near the dates.
PMS and menstrual cramps
PMS and menstrual crampsklinicapp

No more menstrual cramps

As the PMS subsides, the next trouble waiting in the row is the cramps. From cutting off your regular caffeine intakes, here is the list of a few hacks that can help you suffer less from your menstrual cramps:

  • A heating pad or a hot water bottle is the most immediate and easiest remedy you can give against the cramps. Not only does heat help you feel cozy, but it stimulates the blood flow while lessening the pain from cramps.
  • Drink more water. Keep yourself hydrated while resisting the urge to get those sugary energy drinks you see in the vending machines, as it can only help you feel worse.
  • Go for a light jog or a good walk. Yes, you may feel your legs go numb by pain; yet, exercise lets your body release endorphins that can counteract prostaglandins, the bad hormones that give you cramps and can make you feel good.
  • Resist caffeine. Sorry to repeat it again but keeping these beverages at bay can keep your PMS symptoms and cramps in a much lighter way.
  • Drink boiled water with fenugreek. This must be the most effective drink you can take to beat the menstrual cramps as fenugreeks work well can against inflammation. If a lover of ginger, you can switch fenugreek with some ginger root, for carry the same effect.