Sanjay Dutt's morphed picture busted.
Sanjay Dutt's morphed picture busted. Facebook

A morphed picture of Sanjay Dutt wearing a skull cap is being spread on Facebook, claiming that the actor has changed his religion to Islam. The image shows the 59-year-old actor ready to relish on a big Iftar feast.

A Facebook page had posted the image with a caption that read, "Let Allah show him the road to Islam and let him be encouraged to embrace the religion. Ameen".

fake post

Another FB page titled Rangrez Ki Awaz News posted the same image with a caption reading, "Ramzan ke mauke pe Sanju pure Roze rakhte he. Roza aftar karte hue Sanjay Dutt". The caption claimed that Sanjay fasts during the month of Ramzan, and this picture is right before breaking his fast for the day. The post received over 2,000 likes and over 4,000 shares.

fake post

However, a little closer look into the image clearly shows that it is morphed. The food items placed on the table clearly look doctored. Apart from the food items and skull cap, another thing that has been morphed into the picture is a Mecca portrait on the wall, behind Sanjay.

The actual image was apparently posted on social media by a fan-page that shows the table clean, no skull cap on Sanjay and no Mecca portrait on the wall.

There has been a rise in the circulation of fake news and pictures since the advent of social media. A lot of times celebrities have become victims of such fake posts.

On the work front, Sanjay has a number of anticipated films in the coming days. After appearing in Kalank, he will next be seen in films like Shamshera, Panipat and Sadak 2.