Harrison Ford

Veteran actor Harrison Ford on Monday nearly crashed his single engine Aviat Husky plane into a Boeing 737 with 110 passengers on board.

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The 74-year-old actor was instructed to land on the runway at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, but he aimed for the taxiway instead.

"Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?," he reportedly asked Air Control. Reports indicate that the Federal Aviation Authority has launched an investigation to find out what went wrong and Ford could end up losing his licence.

Over the years, Ford, a vintage plane collector, has been involved in a number of air accidents.
In 2015 the Indiana Jones actor was forced to crash-land a World War II-era plane due to engine failure. The accident resulted in Ford suffering head injuries and a broken arm. At the time, Ford was praised for keeping his cool and aviation expert Rick Dake told People that Ford's landing was amazing considering he was dealing with a World War II-era plane.

"Everything he did was perfect," Dake of Aviation Consulting Experts told People. "He was able to keep that plane away from the houses and land it with the least impact on the community. That was the best place he could have landed it. He was 100 per cent doing exactly what an excellent aviator would do."

But in 1999, the Star Wars actor crash-landed his helicopter during a training flight in Los Angeles, and according to Daily Mail, the actor was blamed for the accident. An official report obtained by the publication notes that the crash was caused by "the pilot's delay in adding power during a power-on recovery."