Have Vicky Kaushal and Harleen Sethi broken up?
Harleen Sethi opens up on breakup with Vicky Kaushal.Instagram

Harleen Sethi and Vicky Kaushal are no longer together, and both of them have made their breakup public. Now, the actress has finally openly spoken about it during an interview.

Harleen said that though the split did not affect her much, her family and friends were much bothered with it. She further expressed discontent at being addressed as Vicky's ex-girlfriend, and asserted that she is "nobody's ex or current or even future girlfriend".

"Honestly, it did not bother me but it did bother my family and friends. As an individual, we all have our own identities. Just because I was associated with a movie star and I haven't done a movie yet, doesn't make me any less. I still love myself. And I would love to be known as Harleen Sethi. I think it will be unfair to call someone else my ex-boyfriend, right? I am nobody's ex or current or even future girlfriend. I am Harleen Sethi," she told Pinkvilla when asked how she handled the heartbreak.

Reflecting on her positive self, Harleen further said that the breakup will help her grow as an actor. "I think for an actor it is essential to experience all sort of emotions in real life. In a way, it is good what happened". She added when asked if it affected her work.

Soon after they parted ways, Harleen had made an Instagram post where she wrote a poem, highlighting that breakups and relationships do not make or break her.

Harleen Sethi, Vicky Kaushal
Harleen Sethi, Vicky KaushalInstagram

"From where I started. To where I've come. I didn't design this path. His will was welcome. Fearlessly hustling. Energetic and bustling. I found who I was. A small fish in a big pond. I enjoyed the eccentricities. Performances and anxieties. Feeling alive every day. Making a mark in my own way. Link ups don't build me. Breakups don't break me. Wins don't fill me. Failures don't kill me. I feel complete. I feel sufficient. I have my own swag, I am my own tag #iammyowntag #harleensethi," she had written.

Although the exact reason behind their split is not known, many speculations were made including Vicky's overwhelming success to be one of those.