Hardik Pandya on May 31 announced that he and his fiance, Serbian actress Natasa Stankovic, are expecting their first child. The pictures of Natasa flaunting her baby bump had gone viral on the internet. Congratulatory messages poured in as Hardik and Natasa get ready for parenthood. However, a post from actress Elli AvrRam right after Natasa's pregnancy announcement had sparked speculations of her being unhappy with the couple having a baby soon.

For the unversed, Elli AvrRam was rumoured to be dating Hardik Pandya before the cricketer got involved with Natasa. Hardik and Elli were also spotted together on several occasions. She was also a part of Hardik's brother and cricketer Krunal Pandya's marriage. The photos had gone viral then as well.

Hardik Pandya, Elli AvrRam, Krunal Pandya
Hardik Pandya, Elli AvrRam at Krunal Pandya's weddingInstagram

And while Hardik and Natasa were getting bombed with congratulatory messages, Natasa's ex-boyfriend Aly Goni, whom she had participated in Nach Baliye 9, had left a comment on her viral baby bump photo.

Aly Goni's wishful comment prompted people to wonder what Elli must be thinking about her rumoured ex Hardik embracing parenthood soon. However, an old photo of Elli, wherein she was seen posing by angelic feathers, had made everyone think whether she was unhappy with the current developments in Hardik and Natasa's life.

Elli AvrRam, Hardik Pandya
Elli AvrRam, Hardik PandyaInstagram

"Be your own Angel this time," read the caption on Elli's Instagram post. However, the actress decided to end the mystery behind her cryptic post and said that there's no truth to the rumours that have been doing the rounds of the internet.

"You got to be kidding me; that New Year's one ...no, it had nothing to do with him. If I want to tell him something, I'd just drop him a message. I don't have to go through Instagram to do it. So, no, that had nothing to with him, nothing, and I'm seriously happy for him and Natasa," Elli AvrRam was quoted as saying by Bollywood Life.

Hardik Pandya, Natasa Stankovic, Elli AvrRam
Hardik Pandya, Natasa Stankovic, Elli AvrRamInstagram

Earlier this year, Hardik had announced his engagement to Natasa via social media as well. On January 1, Hardik had himself shared an image of him proposing to Natasa on social media and had captioned it: "Mai tera, Tu meri jaane, saara Hindustan. 01.01.2020 #engaged."

The news of India all-rounder Hardik's engagement to Natasa was not just a surprise for his fans, but also for some of the members in the Indian team.

So how did they met and what sparked the romance between them?

Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya

"She had no idea who I was. I got her by talking. She saw someone in a hat at a place where I met her, wearing a hat, a chain, a watch, at 1 AM. So she thought he is 'alag prakaar ka aadmi aaya' (different kind of person came). That is when I started talking to her, started knowing each other. Then, we started dating. Then got engaged on December 31," Hardik Pandya was quoted as saying by Cricbuzz in his recent interview.

He further added, "My parents also didn't know that I was getting engaged. Two days before (the engagement), I told Krunal. I told him, 'I have had enough. I have found someone in my life who I actually love, and I am becoming better.' They (family) backed me and told 'do whatever you want, me and Kunal are riding on the same boat."