Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic's latest social media pictures have given rise to the speculation that the couple might be expecting again. Pandya shared several pictures of the whole family celebrating Christmas in style. Krunal Pandya and his wife were also spotted posing for the pictures. A beautifully decorated Christmas tree was also kept behind them.

Hardik Pandya, Natasa
Hardik Pandya, NatasaInstagram

Natasa Stankovic expecting?

However, what caught everyone's attention was Natasa Stankovic and her "baby bump". Netizens felt Natasa was expecting and could see a baby bump. "Is she pregnant?" asked one user. "Hi Natasa ji are you pregnant?" asked another one. "Is that a baby bump I see there?" asked one more. "Hardik Pandya is too fast," opined another one.

"Didn't she just give birth to a baby?" asked a netizen. "What's with celebs and quick reproduction," asked another netizen. "That's definitely a baby bump," said a social media user. "That was quick!" said one more.

Natasa Stankovic
Natasa Stankovic

Hardik - Natasa's love story

"She (Natasa) had no idea about who I was. I got her by talking. Mom and dad didn't know, even Krunal only got to know two days before when I told him I'm thinking this (getting engaged) I said I had enough in my life. Someone who I have found, who I actually love and I think I'm learning and I'm becoming a better man. I'm trying to go beyond myself. I'm keeping myself aside and keeping someone as priority," Pandya had once told Cricbuzz.

Pictures of Hardik Pandya – Natasa's intimate close-knit wedding surfaced soon after the duo announced the engagement. The two even shared the news of a baby being on the way.