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Saif Ali Khan with wife Kareena Kapoor Khan posing with PM Modi at the inaugural eventTwitter/@Ra_Bies

Five months after the release of "Humshakals", Saif Ali Khan is all set to the dazzle the screens with his next outing "Happy Ending", which is scheduled to release in theatres on 21 November. In a candid chat with India Today, the Nawab Khan spoke extensively on Special Marriage Act, Congress and Narendra Modi's leadership.

Saif Ali Khan thinks that the country should have one law for all religions. "Apparently people feel it won't work and there is a lot of argument against it. But this is constantly an argument about everything in India. One of the things that is annoying about India is that people keep delaying progress because of some objection," the actor told India Today.

The actor says that India won't truly be one nation if there are different laws in different religions. "I was told that it really hurt the minorities. People are often paranoid that the Prime Minister may be a dangerous person for the minorities. But that is not the case, I have heard him speaking about Pakistan. I never heard an Indian PM speaking so positive about Pakistan in the past. Tension is pretty high with the neighbouring country at the moment. I think we all need to be in line with one person and fix our country," said Saif.

Saif Ali Khan is all praises for Narendra Modi. "Everyone is feeling positive with Modi in charge, because be it foreign investment or sanitation, he seems to be working with a lot of energy and positivity. He is making a lot of effort," said he.

Meanwhile, Saif Ali Khan indirectly condemned the Congress. "Previous governments removed the princes from power and said 'garibi hatao', then they became princes themselves. They have minted thousands of crores of money through scams. It is time that we had a working man take charge. When any civilised nation votes, it votes for a responsible father figure. For me, Modi seems to be that stable father figure when compared to previous ones, who seemed fascist and juvenile, said he.

Saif has a Hindu wife -- actress Kareena Kapoor -- and he feels that the country should have a special marriage act. "This one is a lovely act, where people get to keep their religion and nobody has to change. Kareena and I did not try changing each other's religion," said the actor.

Khan says that he celebrates festivals of all religions at home. When probed further, the actor said, "Yes, we do celebrate all the festivals. Sometimes, a little less of Eid and a little more of Diwali and Christmas."

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