Padma Shri Bharat Lieutenant Colonel Dr Mohanlal, the man who rewrote history of Malayalam cinema, is celebrating his 55th birthday on 21 May. Mohanlal and Mammootty are considered to be the greatest names in Malayalam cinema.

On his special day, we are giving you a glimpse of Mohanlal's versatility, and a few reasons why Keralites around the world love him so much:

  •  He is a complete actor

When it comes to acting, he is one of the best that the country has ever produced. His three National awards and seven State Awards and two Filmfare Awards stand testimony to it. Be it action, drama, comedy, dance, or fight, Malayalam cinema believes no one can do better than him. 



  • When Lalettan Twist Moustache 

Mohanlal's unique style of twisting his moustache is probably the most loved scenes of any Mohanlal movie. His fans wait to see him do the poplar action. 

  •  He carries "Mundu" (Traditional Kerala Dhothi) like a pro 

Who can forget the scenes where he looked royal and classy in the traditional attire. He can dance and do fights in "mundu" and set an example by carrying the attire in the collest way possible. 


  •  His dialogue delivery style 

Very few in the industry can deliver long dialogues in the way Mohanlal does. The mode in which his dialogues express emotions is something one shouldn't miss. 




  •        His Comedy Scenes 

Seeing a superstar do comedy is always a delight. Here is a star who does comedy with such ease that he makes you forget about your worries and have a splendid time watching his films.

In the eighties and the nineties, Mohanlal made waves in Malayalam cinema with his comic combinations with actors like Jagathy Sreekumar and Sreenivasan. 



  •  His Song Sequences

If you ever get to watch song sequences of Mohanlal, you might be stunned by his versatility and appeal. He creates magic on screen with his romantic scenes and his simplicity floors fans. 




  • His Fight Scenes

His fight scenes might establish the fact that he is the best in the business. His fight scenes are hurled with some punch dialogues and is in fact a treat for his fans. 



  • Mohanlal romance

If we rank the best romantic scenes in Malayalam cinema, Jayakrishnan and Clara of "Thoovanathumbikal" are sure to top the list. Thus, Mohanlal has made a mark as an actor and remains as one of the favourites of cinema lovers.

Here are some of the best romantic scenes done by Mohanlal in his 37-year film career: