Eddie Redmayne has now become one of the most brilliant actors from the British film industry with a huge demand in the American film industry. He is one of the present generation Oscar awardees, who has been hiding in plain sight for the longest time in various films, even before he gained his Oscar in 2015, for his portrayal of Stephen Hawkings in the film The Theory of Everything. 

Eddie Redmayne

Redmayne has currently enrolled himself in JK Rowling's prequel franchise, where he is seen in the role of Newt Scamander, a magazoologist with a fear of being stuck in an office job, and a passion for magical beasts. It wouldn't be completely wrong to say he has the heart of Hagrid but a character of his own. It is a lesser-known fact that he studied in Eton along with Prince William and while being in an all-boys college, he would often take up the role of the woman. Hardly did he know that that practice from his days in college would one day help him to be on the global map. 

The Danish Girl

After a long time, we noticed a Hollywood A-lister apply lipstick and learn to walk like a woman in the street, He got in touch with his feminine side to the point where he was unable to psychologically remember the moment when he behaved like a husband. 

Les Miserables


Les Miserables had been one of the films where Redmayne had managed to steal focus where Hugh Grant had been the lead star. He enjoyed his role as Marius, where he got the chance to showcase his pipes in the musical adaptation. Although, the film was focused entirely on the condition of France, and Parisian Jean Valjean's breaking the parole and reforming his life to become the mayor but Redmayne was one of the talent hiding in plan sight. 

The Theory of Everything 

Newt Scamander may have been a huge commercial success for Redmayne's career, so far, but it was in The Theory of Everything that made him win the Oscar. The heartfelt biopic chronicled the life of scientist Stephen Hawking, his romance with Jane Hawkings and the circumstances that made him fall out of the marriage. 

Significantly, the screenplay had been scripted in a manner that it had adhered to the theory of time which was explained by the scientist in his book 'A Brief History of Time'. 

My Week With Marilyn

My Week With Marilyn had released in 2011 when Emma Watson had been at the peak of her career with her series of Harry Potter releases. Yet Watson chose a minor supporting cast. Redmayne played Colin Clark, with whom Marilyn Monroe had shared several emotional affection.

The entire film was based on the personal life of Marilyn Monroe and her relationships with all the men. It was said that her relationship with Colin was a based out of a genuine emotional connection. While Monroe took the centre stage, the entire film was narrated from the perspective of Colin and how he got his opportunity to work with Hollywood beauty. 

To Potterheads, this film would have a completely different feeling of awkwardness (now) watching Newt Scamander and Hermione Granger get into a temporary, physical relationship.