As Carrie Fisher celebrates her 59th birthday, she is all set to reprise the iconic role of Princess Leia in next Star Wars movie. The final trailer for "Star Wars: The force Awakens" was released on Monday night with a glimpse of Leia in it.

The two-minute clip that aired during NFL's Monday Night Football had a brief moment of Leia and fans watched her in the franchise after 32 years.

As reported by The Daily Mail, fans got emotional when the new trailer was shown, which also has Harrison Ford playing the character of Han Solo besides Fisher.

The new trailer revealed Han Solo and his Wookiee sidekick Chewbecca to be back in trouble, as is common with both of them in the Star Wars movies.

The antagonist of the movie Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver, appeared in the trailer to address the destroyed helmet of Darth Vader, saying, "I will finish what you started."

From the look of the trailer, Fisher is surely going to have a significant role in the "The Force Awakens" as Leia. However, to what extent her character is going to affect the plot and story of the upcoming movie is still not clear.

In the trailer, she appears for a brief second hugging Han Solo. From the looks of it, it seems all these years, Han and Leia have been together happily, but with Kylo Ren rapidly strengthening his reign, she is worried that the troubles of past will be soon upon all of them and the age of Darth Vader will return.

In the photos released by Slash Film from the sets of "The Force Awakens" in July, Carrie Fisher was in Leia's costume in what seemed to be a rebel base. Her costume hinted that she might be an authority figure in the Rebel Alliance, of which Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), her brother, is also a member.

Where Princess Leia exactly stands in the new "Star Wars 7" scenario is yet to be revealed and fans will probably have to wait till the movie is released on 15 December to find out.