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Two gunmen shot dead at least five people, including three Europeans, inside a restaurant in Mali's capital, security officials said on Saturday. 

Among those killed were a French and a Belgian, senior intelligence officials told Reuters. The two gunmen have been arrested. 

A third European, whose nationality was not clear, was also reportedly killed, along with a police officer and a local.

According to AFP, the bodies of some of the dead were seen outside the popular nightclub in Bamako, where the attack took place overnight on Saturday. 

"This is a terrorist attack, although we're waiting for clarification. Provisionally, there are four dead -- one French national, a Belgian and two Malians," a police officer was quoted saying by AFP. 

The French foreign ministry confirmed that one of its citizens was killed in the shooting. 

France had led a military intervention in the northern part of the African country to drive out Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents in 2013, but terror attacks still persist in the restive region. 

The attackers in the Bamako shooting reportedly yelled 'Allahu Akbar' before launching the attack.