Domestic violence

A man filed a complaint with the police against his wife after she thrashed him for objecting to the potato curry she had made for dinner for them.

The man from the Vasna area of Ahmedabad in Gujrat filed the complaint with police on Saturday in which he stated that he is a diabetic and potato is bad for his health. He said that doctors have advised him not to have potatoes.

Harshad Gohel is 40 years old and has four daughters with his wife Tara Gohel and he said that they quarrel over several issues often. He is a resident of Sorainagar in Vasna.

Harshad is a daily wager and he said that when he came home after work on Friday night, he asked Tara that what she has prepared for dinner. She answered that she has cooked potato curry and he could have it with chapattis. Harshad said that he objected to this and asked why she had made potato curry even when she knew it wasn't good for his health. This did not go well with his wife who began abusing him.

When Harshad objected to Tara's behaviour, she rushed to the bathroom and came back with a washing bat and started thrashing him.

Harshad started screaming for help and his family members rushed in to help him. They rescued him from Tara's grip.

Harshad was taken to VS Hospital

Harshad was taken to VS Hospital in the Ellisbridge area where doctors told him that he has a fracture in his right shoulder.

At the VS Hospital, a medico-legal case was filed. Later, Tara was booked by the Vasna police under charges of causing hurt and uttering of abusive words. The police has started an investigation.

In May this year, a 38-year-old man was thrashed and killed allegedly by his wife and mother-in-law as he was unable to make a living due to the coronavirus lockdown. The incident happened in Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh. The two women were identified as Leela and Prem Bai. The man died while undergoing treatment after the incident happened. A complaint was filed by the deceased's wife for domestic violence.