GTA 5 PC was released on 14 April, 2015.Facebook

One of the best parts of the GTA 5 PC version is the ability for players to add mods. And thanks to the active modding community in GTA game series, players can now be Superman in GTA 5 PC version.

A modder, JayVP, has released a new Superman mod for the game, which will allow players to get into the skin of Superman aka Man of Steel.

This mod allows the character to fly like Superman. However he does not look like one. The modder said, "The face - A mix between Franklin, Micheal and just happened."

He added that this is his first time with the modding. And he did the best he could using existing 3D models and editing only textures. He further said that "Once we have the ability to edit and add 3D models I will be able to make a better one." He also said that the Superman mod uses the flying mod to make it fly.

Interested will find the mod here and look inside the readme.txt file for instructions.

Superman will not be able to die due to bullets, he can use super strength and blast cars, however, he attacks humans like anyone else does. It was also noted that after flying, his landing is not as graceful as we can expect from the Superman, but it will work.

The game has been continuously getting mods, adding freshness to its players. However, recent statements from Rockstar has scared many, though the publisher has maintained that it will be only banning mods in multiplayer, players are allowed to use mods in single player modes.

"You should not worry about being banned or being relegated to the cheater pool just for using single player PC mods. Our primary focus is on protecting GTA Online against modifications that could give players an unfair advantage, disrupt gameplay, or cause griefing," it had said.