GTA 5 was released on 17 September 2013. (Rockstar Games)Rockstar Games

Rockstar's popular video game, GTA 5 has its share of glitches. But these glitches do not harm the prospect of the game, in fact, they add fun to the game. A new glitch has surfaced, and this time players will be able to walk on water, just like Jesus of Nazareth.

YouTube user, BIG Spaz (via Kotaku) posted a video that shows how the glitch works in the game. The GTA Online glitch allows players to walk on the water. Also, if made more adjustments, they will be able to walk above it and eventually walk on top of the building too, says GameSpot.

How it works?

Players have to visit the Puerto del Sol Marina docks in Los Santos' Vespucci neighborhood. They will have to head to the water and take cover near the wall, then pull a gun out. Then keep running to the left with the support of the wall on the other side. Now stop after sometime and turn around and aim at the wall and the gun disappears. Now walk back to the land from the side. When you walk, you will notice that your character's legs are lazy and little bent. Walk on the ramp for some time and if you think you are about the right height of the water, start running across.

How does it end?

Big Spaz said that there is no way to end this water walking glitch, but to kill yourself or if someone can hit you out of the water.

Check out the second video that shows how to walk in the sky. This process is similar to the one where you walk on water, but the only difference is that you have to climb the stairs after following yourself in water - shoot at the wall and then head back to the ramp and to the staircase. After you climb the staircase, turn and now you will start to climb invisible stairs. Players can continue this process and see their city from a height. This is a funny glitch for players.

It is not known if the glitch will also be working on GTA 5 single-player story too.

(YouTube Courtesy: BIG Spaz)

(YouTube Courtesy: BIG Spaz)