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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May's brand new Amazon Prime show takes a grandiose start. The return of the Top Gear trio broke previous streaming records of Amazon Prime Video service.

Following a brilliant review received by the critics worldwide, The Grand Tour second episode "has split viewers' opinion," says critics.

Let's take a look at the critics' opinion about the second episode.

Digital Spy 's Tom Eames admitted that he laughed like crazy "...throughout the entire sequence as the boys went through an Edge of Tomorrow-like game where they constantly got killed while attempting to work out how grenades work and drop down helicopters without their trousers falling down."

"The Grand Tour is ludicrous and over-the-top but it's downright entertaining and a much-needed punch in the face of British comedy."

The Telegraph's Ed Power added some humour while describing the trio, "Clarkson presented us with a rude picture of a policeman sitting on a gun, Richard Hammond's creepy new beard continued to unnerve, James May appeared to be hoping someone else would commandeer the spotlight so that he could fit in a quick nap."

Although this episode is drawn attention for less number of cars, but there was an Aston Martin Vulcan which Aston Martin Vulcan played a feature role. "Amid the chortles and the gorgeous landscapes, there was time for the odd moment of mucking about on the track. We met the Aston Martin Vulcan – a supercar that looked like a Transformer stuck mid-shapeshift."

"The trio certainly tried, with an elaborate segment that involved guns, grenades, an old Airbus, and Black Hawk helicopters at a Jordanian special forces training center. But it was the less "big bang" moments where they shined," writes Kirsten Korosec in Fortune.

Ally Heath suspects about the success ratio of The Grand Tour second episode, because as he writes in his piece in GQ, "if Amazon were listening to the online voice of the people, they would have heard nothing but praise about the first episode of The Grand Tour, specifically about the opening sequence for their first episode – addressing their unfinished business with great aplomb. I suspect they won't be hearing the same about the start of this one, the second episode."

"The highlights of the second episode were the three presenters in the tent, poking fun at the South African President, Jacob Zuma. Or deciding there are only two famous South Africans in the World, Charlize Theron and the, well, more infamous, Oscar Pistorius," he further explained.

Jack Shepherd writes in The Independent, "titled 'Operation Desert Stumble', the episode also drew criticism for being less car-orientated, focusing on the presenting trio fleeing from 'terrorists' and the action that ensued.

Viewers went on to call the episode 'fake', 'dull' and an assortment of other detrimental words not associated with the critically applauded first episode."

The Grand Tour releases a new episode every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.