Is Beyonce Taking Over Ledisi’s Place in Entertainment Career?Reuters

Grammy Awards 2015 was not just about awards and stunning red carpet appearances of our favourite celebrities; it was also about the controversial onstage performance by Beyonce.

When the celeb sang "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" from the movie "Selma" at the event, it irked many Ledisi fans who expressed their wrath on Twitter.

The tweets between the fans of both the celebs gradually turned into a war wherein the admirers supported their icons and criticised the other.

While Ledisi fans called the "countdown" singer a thief, Beyonce fans countered by stating that it's not her song.

Meanwhile, Ledisi informed the media that she was not aware of Beyonce's performance at Grammy Awards 2015, reported ET Online.

However, John Legend revealed that the "Halo" singer approached the "Selma" team to do an intro for their show.

As of now, Beyonce has not responded to the controversies regarding her performance at the Grammys and the reason behind her decision to sing "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" is yet to be revealed.

Here are the tweets by Ledisi and Beyonce Fans:

Multicam Queen 

Ledisi is diplomatic & classy. You won't catch her slipping. She's still chilling.

Yeroc Ydoom

You were so fake outraged by the ledisi "snub" yet you sat through 3.5 hours to watch Bey perform it... #IKnowYouCare


Yes, it was total disrespect to Ledisi. I was speaking in regards to vocal ability. Not to say Ledisi didn't deserve it.

Taylor R. Woodson

If Ledisi wanted to sing, she should've asked Common and John Legend way before Beyoncé.

Bearded Papi ‏

Ledisi sings better than Beyonce. Bey Hive come get me #Grammys.


Jus like y'all saying Ledisi made the song her own, Beyoncé did the same. Now run Along.

Behzad Sandila ‏

To be fair, NOBODY can sing it like @ledisi can, not even Beyonce. Bar was set way too high. #Grammys2015#SelmaMovie.


And stop vilifying Beyonce as if she "took" something from Ledisi. She wasn't scheduled to perform that song for the Grammys.

Pharoah Cranston

Precious Lord, Take My Hand. The woman who brought the song to the movie Selma, should have shared it with the world @ the #GRAMMYs#Ledisi.

Kiaya, Killa or Ki

#Ledisi did not write or compose that song, she did a version. Beyonce did her version tonight at the Grammys.

Hug Dealer 

Kinda got the feeling that the grammys took a note from the seahawks and handed to proverbial ball to Beyonce so Ledisi wouldn't get shine.


Yall need to stfu stop saying Beyonce sung ledisi's precious lord take my hand cause first of all that's not her song it's mahalia jacksons.