Gaurav Aggarwal

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, take a concept, find the problem, find the solution and sell it to the people who need it. Something familiar? That is what most entrepreneurs tell when they are asked how to start a business. But if you could ponder deeper, many businesses sell the same solution in different versions (Like a twist of their own). Only a handful of entrepreneurs and businesses sell a solution to real-world problems, and Gaurav Aggarwal claims to be one of them. He was also featured in Forbes 30 under 30 worldwide list of 2021. Only a handful of Indians have ever made it into the list.

He is always looking for solutions for the problems he has in his life; the only difference he knows is how to make a business out of it. His innovative idea of actually using AI to manage wait times at restaurants/establishments that have huge lines is what lead to the birth of Sleek, an innovative startup. They say small ideas and solutions blow out to become the best businesses globally, which is exactly what is happening to Sleek, he claims. Sleek has received a lot of appreciations, fundings, and partnerships since its inception. All this was possible because the co-founders who decided not to wait for food in a line anymore.

Google to his startup: The Journey!

Gaurav is an engineer turned entrepreneur who has immense experience in dealing with multi-billion-dollar initiatives with huge technology companies like Google and Microsoft. Coming from a humble beginning in Delhi, India, to graduating from Stanford to leading technical teams in some of the most sought-after companies is a story in itself. Over time, he realized that he wanted to create an identity for himself with his own company. Sleek was born as a part of that vision. Sleek started as a small idea, and over some time, it started gaining a lot of attention thanks to the simplicity and need of the product, he claims. He further added that when he was in the ideation phase with Sleek, it was maddening to find out that people waste waiting in lines. He says that with Sleek, people can focus on something more important than waiting in line.

Solid innovation in place

Sleek was a step ahead to solve the line problem, but the product seemed to do more than that with the pandemic. This is because of the smart and critical thinking that he had when he was unfolding what Sleek was turning to be. He has been able to talk about problems and bring innovative solutions to the market; the number one reason he had such a big impact in his time in the companies such as Google and Microsoft. Still, his ability to market was what made him unique.

He claims to have inspired many young entrepreneurs to develop the skills they need to help them come out with companies and solutions that can change how the world will perceive entrepreneurship.