The issues with Google Pixel 2 XL are expanding on a daily basis. The latest problem is that the quality of the audio is not up to the mark while recording a video. Google has officially confirmed this problem and promised that a fix is coming very soon.

According to Cnet, the reason behind the issue is yet to be determined. A post popped up on October 22 on the Pixel User Community by a user, saying that the sound quality of the video is terrible. After this post, many other Pixel users joined the conversation and conveyed their disappointment about the audio quality.

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However, a recent Reddit post says that Google already knows about the audio problem and is working on an update to address the issue. Albeit no additional information is provided on the reason of the issue, there is no indication when this update will arrive and how it will fix the issue.

Audio quality isn't the only problem that Pixel 2 XL users are facing. The new flagship has also been reported for its screen burn-in issues, in which the remnants of the images remain on the display. Google had rolled out a software fix to resolve the problem and extended the warranty period of Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL from one year to two years.