Android vs iOS and Samsung vs Apple are popular rivals, but now, you will witness new competitors waging war in a whole new tech space. As a part of advancing technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) drives a significant force and today digital voice assistants reserve a crucial place in our daily chores.

From "OK Google, navigate to work" to "Hey Siri, what's the weather like today" or "Alexa, turn off the bedroom lights", we live in an age where we are learning to get comfortable relying on digital voice assistants. But the hard-hitting question is which personal assistant is the best companion, and digital marketing agency Stone Temple might have an answer for you.

Google Assistant, Alexa (by Amazon), Siri (by Apple) and Microsoft Cortana are the most popular digital voice assistants we have at our disposal. After throwing some 5,000 questions at these digital assistants, Stone Temple drew some conclusions about which AI assistant rules.

The assessments were based on various categories such as their intelligence, wit, and accuracy with which the answers are given out. As it turns out, Google Assistant answered the highest number of questions with the highest percentage of fully and correctly answered questions.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant is better than other AIsCreative Commons

If you were expecting to see Siri trailing Google Assistant's lead, you're mistaken. Cortana came in second on an intelligence scale while Amazon Alexa secured the third spot. But Alexa is constantly improving and it was the only digital voice assistant with the biggest year-over-year gains by answering 2.7 times more questions than last year, the report said.

But the capability to respond to a higher number of questions came with more errors. Comparatively, Alexa had the highest number of incorrect responses while Siri closely trails Amazon's assistant in this category. Interestingly, Cortana Invoke had the lowest errors followed by Google Assistant.

"Many of the 'errors' for both Alexa and Siri came from poorly structured queries or obscure queries, such as 'What movies does The Rushmore, New York appear in?' More than 1/3 of the queries generating incorrect responses in both Alexa and Siri came from such obscure queries," Stone Temple explained.

But if errors can be overlooked with some good humor, Alexa steals the highest rank. The study showed that Alexa is funnier than all other digital assistants, but Siri comes in a close second. Google Assistant and Cortana share the same rank when it comes to being witty.

Based on the findings of this new study, there's clarity on how we rank digital assistants in the real world. The next time your friend or colleague boasts about how Siri is better than Google Assistant on Android, you can back up your side with some hard-hitting facts and figures. In fact, it's also seen that Microsoft Cortana, as great as it has proven to be, remains underrated and Alexa users get a tad partial towards the voice emerging out of an Echo speaker.